Ebola Virus Preparedness Plan

McCormick Place Fire Safety and EMS Personnel received guidance from our Medical Director as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with regard to the current Ebola Virus concern.

CDC provides real time email notification of any changing recommendations on the Ebola Virus outbreak. Any relevant changes in recommendations will be communicated to the designated event organizer personnel as soon as possible when such changes in recommendations occur and are available.

McCormick Place's Medical Director Dr. Glenn Aldinger and his associates have been monitoring the status of the Ebola outbreak nationally as well as in the Chicago area through the CDC.

Continuous communications occurs with the McCormick Place administration if and when changing recommendations occur for the community in general as well as such recommendations relevant to the public gathering venues. McCormick Place Management will contact Show Management advising we have a possible case of Ebola as it will affect the overall show and may require their cooperation for how we deal with the patrons and possibly for the opening a room to use as an isolation area. Dr. Aldinger and his associates are available 24/7 for real time consultation should any changes in the Ebola Virus outbreak warrant urgent discussions that could influence McCormick Place Managements decisions and protocols related to the public gathering or event activity in progress.

Please review the McCormick Place "Ebola Virus Preparedness Plan"

For the latest Ebola Virus updates, please contact the following organizations:
Illinois Department of Public Health - www.idph.state.il.us
Chicago Department of Public Health - www.cityofchicago.org
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - www.cdc.gov


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