Building Entry Exit Procedure (B.E.E.P.)

A new mandatory Building Entry and Exit Procedure (BEEP) has been implemented. Represented labor and event contractors will enter the building through designated points. Cleared workers will then receive a one-day wristband that indicates they are part of that day’s crew. This wristband must be worn on the wrist, no exceptions

Please read the B.E.E.P. documentation

B.E.E.P. hours and Locations:

Three (3) 24 Hour Locations The MPEA is committed to staffing three (3) 24 hour entry points for employees and labor personnel to use.

They are:

• Gate 25 Entrance*
• S1 Entrance
• West Building Entrance

*The Gate 25 Entrance is accessible from Parking Lot B where discounted parking is available.

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