Freight & Truck Marshaling

Freight/Drayage: You need to work closely with your general service contractor regarding freight move in/out. A detailed production and dock door usage plan from the contractor is required to schedule dock space and service elevators. Your Event Manager will give a Dock/Elevator Schedule form to you. This schedule should be passed along to your general service contractor for their completion and returned 15 days prior to your event.

Freight shipped to McCormick Place or to our truck marshaling facility before your licensed move‐in date will not be accepted. If you wish to ship freight prior to your move‐in, please contact your general service contractor who may have warehousing facilities available.


Truck Marshaling is located at 31st Street and Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Lake Shore Drive, (adjacent to Lot B) Marshaling is available for overnight truck parking based on availability. Services include a certified truck scale, 24‐hour staff, 24‐hour convenience/vending center and security cameras. Fees are charged for entrance, overnight storage and scale use.

Truck Marshaling/Lot B Address:   3050 Moe Dr, Chicago, IL 60616