Telephone Services

In an ongoing effort to make McCormick Place a simpler place to do business, Telephone Services include the following:

• Unlimited Free Toll-free calls
• Unlimited Local (Chicago Metro Area) Calls
• Up to 100 minutes of Domestic Long Distance calls at no charge
• International rates apply

Once installed, telephone service is active 24 hours a day for the entire length of the event. The dial tone is deactivated the morning following the last day of the event. If you require service beyond that, please visit the Technology Services Department desk in the Exhibitor Service Center.  Reactivation fees may apply.

Telephone service includes telephone usage, as described above, installation and a basic phone instrument. All telephone calls made from your telephone line, once it is installed, are your responsibility. Credits are not given for calls made over installed lines.

To guard against unauthorized use, be sure to secure your telephone each night. Telephone usage is billed directly to your credit card shortly after the event. If you require a detailed calls log, contact the Technology Services Department at or call 312-791-6113.

Telecommunications Tax: In the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, a telecommunications tax is required. These taxes are based upon current rates and are subject to change without notice. Tax exemptions do not apply.

International Usage Deposit: For internationally billed companies, a usage deposit of $300.00 per line is required before “calling out” restrictions are removed. Including the deposit with your initial order will ensure that you will be able to call out as soon as you plug in your telephone. If your total usage is less than the usage deposit, the balance will be applied towards any outstanding charges.

Please visit Online Ordering for a detailed listing of all of our telephone services.