Labor Cost Transparency

In an effort to show the various categories of expenses that are the foundation in establishing the labor rate please find below the current costs for the major trades that work at McCormick Place. Rates are calculated either as straight time, overtime, or double time. Additionally, the minimum hours an employee works are also listed. These minimums are negotiated in each separate collective bargaining agreement.


TradeST RateFringe BenefitsST Full PackageOT RateFringe BenefitsOT Full PackageDT RateFringe BenefitsDT Full PackageCall Minimum
Carpenters53.5138.9392.4480.2738.93119.20107.0238.93145.954 hours
Electricians53.8042.5496.3480.7057.45138.15107.6072.36179.964 hours
Riggers48.0045.1993.1972.0045.19117.1996.0045.19141.194 hours
Teamsters47.4023.1570.5571.1023.1594.2594.8023.15117.954 hours
Stagehands56.5021.4677.9684.7432.20116.94112.9942.94155.938 hours
Decorators52.0023.8775.8778.0035.76113.76104.0047.64151.644 hours
Projectionist38.2617.4155.6757.3926.1183.5076.5234.82111.345 hours


The costs above do not include unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and FICA (Social Security and Medicare). Worker’s compensation costs will vary by individual contractors. FICA is currently 7.65% of wages.

The wage rates listed above apply to trades that may be involved in the construction and technical functioning of trade shows at McCormick Place. The information is derived from contracts between the General Contractors and the individual trades. The rates were verified by contacting each union for confirmation and the listing is accurate to the best of MPEA’s knowledge as of July 14, 2023.
This information should be used as a general guidance. More specific information (e.g. supervisory rates) can be obtained from the union contracts directly.
MPEA/McCormick Place disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information.